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1. Apply ice pack over barrier for ten to twenty minutes.  This will help ease discomfort, reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process.

2. Remove and discard barrier safely.

3. Wash your tattoo with clean hands using fragrance-free Dial antibacterial pump soap. A pump dispenser is preferred as it prevents any cross contamination. Avoid using bar soap which can harbor bacteria.

4. Air dry or pat dry with a clean paper towel.

5. Apply a very THIN layer of Aquaphor, blotting away any excess with a clean paper towel. DO NOT over apply aquaphor.

6. Repeat this process 2-3 times a day for the three days.

7. By day four your tattoo will begin to peel like a sunburn. Stop washing it 2-3 times a day and stop applying aquaphor.

8. Begin using a fragrance-free lotion like Aveeno, Lubriderm, or Curel. Apply the lotion several times a day for several weeks. Keep your tattoo moisturized and do not let it dry out.

9. DO NOT pick or scratch at your tattoo. Otherwise you run the risk of opening it up again making it susceptible to bacteria as well as pulling the ink out before the new layer of skin heals over it.

10. DO NOT go swimming for two weeks. Avoid soaking in shower or tub for long durations.

11. Avoid tanning beds and direct sunlight on your tattoo for four weeks.

12. Wear clean, loose fitting clothing to keep your tattoo protected.

13. After the four week healing period always use sunscreen on your tattoo to keep it looking it’s best.


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